Real Estate

Real estate transactions can take many shapes and forms.  Whether you are purchasing your first home or wish to lease a property, the Law Office of Henson & Rockafellow, PLLC can assist you through the process.  Some of the services we offer are deed preparation or review, contract preparation or review, and advice and counsel on a wide array of real estate transactions.


Probate is the process of administering an estate of a deceased person.  The probate process helps to resolve claims against the estate and distribute the deceased persons assets.  In many cases, probating a will in Texas can be accomplished quickly and with limited court supervision.  However, if the person died without a will (intestate) or if a will is contested the process can become more involved.  If you need assistance probating a will or administering an estate contact us today.


Estate planning can broadly be defined as the process of preparing an individuals estate for possible incapacitation or death.  Assuring that you have the proper documents in place now can help to alleviate the burden placed upon your family or loved ones if you suddenly become ill or die unexpectedly.  The Law Office of Henson & Rockafellow, PLLC can help you determine which estate planning tools are right for you.  Whether you require a simple will, healthcare directive, power of attorney or wish to establish a revocable trust, we are here to counsel you along the way.

business law

Business owners face many daily challenges.  Whether you are considering starting a new business, changing the structure of an existing business, or need assistance developing policies and procedures,  there are many factors you must consider. Drawing upon their education from receiving their respective business degrees and experience as business managers, attorneys Cody Henson and Tyler Rockafellow are well suited to counsel you as you make important decisions relating to your business.


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